Our Purpose

An Ode To Gaia is India's 1st Luxury Plant-based patisserie with sustainability baked into its core.

Let’s start with the name. Our plant-based patisserie is an ode to the goddess of the Earth, Gaia. It encompasses our purpose & values of compassion and sustainability.

Our vision for a sustainable, ethical and plant-powered world manifests itself through everything we create. We started this bakery to redefine patisserie and realize this vision!

Our mission has always been to challenge the conventional ideas of sustainability in the food industry – by innovating vegan desserts that have you questioning reality.

All our desserts are made using mindfully-sourced plant-based ingredients. We buy them directly from local farms and small businesses to ensure we maintain an ethical supply chain. We even have ethically made bean-to-bar chocolate custom made for our bakery.

And we don’t just stop there, we are committed to doing more for the planet – through sustainable packaging, fair working conditions, animal rescues, charitable donations and a lot more! When we say sustainability is baked into our core, we totally mean it!

Why Plant-Based?

Gaia is a generous goddess providing us with a bounty so large, we need not use sentient, loving animals or their by-products. At An Ode To Gaia, we are on a quest to revolutionize plant-based desserts that will leave you questioning reality.

With a pinch of enthusiasm and a dollop of creativity, there is simply nothing that plant-based elements can’t bring to the dessert table. And let’s get real for a sec, it’s the absolute need of the hour to re-evaluate our lifestyle and food choices!

Why Choose Us?

Cause we’re on a mission to radically transform the pastry world! Our all-women pattiserie team has worked tirelessly to recreate your childhood favs, bakery staples and classic French delicacies using plant-based ingredients.

We promise, you will never know you’re eating a vegan cake! To quote that guy who once ate 5 Cheesecake slices, “WTF! THIS IS VEGAN?! Seriously, that’s tofu?”. Yes my friend, THAT IS TOFU! So when someone tells you vegan food is boring and bland, you know where to send them! At AOTG, you will always be wowed with unique, exquisite and ethical desserts you couldn’t imagine were possible.