Our Story

Anything you can bake, I can bake vegan.

Naimita Jagasia

Anything you can bake, I can bake vegan.

- Naimita Jagasia

A splash of sass, a pinch of glitter, and a whole lot of talent, Naimita Jagasia is a badass Chef on a mission to redefine the pastry scene. At first, she simply wanted to fill a cupcake shaped void in her life. Now, she’s inviting everyone to the plant-based party (BYOF – Bring Your Own Forks).

She said good riddance to animal products in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. After studying fashion in London, she returned to Mumbai with plans to launch a vegan footwear line. When she found herself spending most of her time baking plant-based Cheesecakes instead, she decided to share the joy of biting into a luscious slice of vegan cake with as many people as she could. And look where that took her! AOTG is now India’s first 100% plant-based boutique dessert studio with sustainability baked into its core.​

Naimita Jagasia

Founder & Chef

She likes: Vegan cheese, glitter, all things pink, kittens, mermaids, burritos, and sushi.

She dislikes: People asking her if plants feel pain, spicy food, fascism, and things that aren’t pink!

From the Chef's Kitchen

Never did I expect the kind of response to my made up recipes and whimsical cupcakes, and my first sold out pop up was testament to that. I am an artist at heart with a plethora of mediums, cakes being the latest one. And if you’re wondering, no I did not go to culinary school; I went to fashion school and studied footwear design. Sculpture and shoe design are my inspiration for all things colourful and quirky. That quickly changed when I reluctantly moved back to Mumbai and missed the sweet offerings of London’s weekend vegan markets. Designing my own vegan footwear collection took a backseat as most of my time was spent making cheesecakes for myself, which soon caught the eye of the local vegan community…and the rest is history.

AOTG is now India’s first luxury & sustainability-driven plant-based patisserie. The bakery took off faster than I could have imagined, and now not only do I have my dream studio, but signature AOTG desserts are also soon going to be made available pan-India through our website, as well as in cafes across Mumbai.

Through all of this, the one thing that brings me the most joy is teaching baking and decorating workshops to empower future vegan bakers and entrepreneurs.