Raspberry Dark Chocolate Mini Cake Recipe

Instructor: Chef NaimitaLanguage: English

About the course

Supple, spongy and oh-so-soft, this wholewheat chocolate sponge decked out to the nines with a raspberry jelly garnish is a staple recipe you need to wow not only your friends and fam, but clients too. 

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From The Chef

Entrepreneur, Content Creator

It’s a funny (and long) story but the short version goes like this: A self-taught chef started India’s first vegan patisserie from a garage in Mumbai after studying fashion, only to turn the successful 5-year-old business into an inclusive learning platform and community for bakers keen on uncovering the fruits of plant-based baking, in her quest to change the pastry-scape of our times.

Hi, I am Naimita Jagasia and as you can see, I wear many hats. Teaching is my favourite one though, because it allows me to share the nifty, insightful, and first-hand experiences that I have gathered as a chef and business owner over the years. I hope I can offer you the confidence and creative push to learn, unlearn, and explore the world of plant-based baking as we discover unique techniques and amazing pairings, while swapping out ingredients like a pro. All of it dusted with my personal brand of ‘too glam to give a damn’

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