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Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Join Chef Naimita as she explores the world of vegan and plant-based baking; learn the chops and add flair to your own offerings so you can see what it’s like to get sold out.


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That’s What Cheese Said

An all-out cheese workshop! Sounds fun, right? Sign up if dairy has held you back from vegan baking. In this workshop, we will teach you to make a decadent and creamy vegan cheesecake recipe with a buttery graham cracker crust; a rich chocolate brownie topped with cheesecake, an all-purpose cream cheese glaze and my personal favourite: a lemon cream cheese linzer cookie. These universally loved recipes are travel-friendly, can put their regular counterparts to shame and are the perfect menu additions to your vegan specials section. Designed in collaboration with Mana Dairy Free, one of India’s leading dairy alternative brands specialising in cream cheese and baking cheese for chefs, it will help you unlock the magic of dairy-free baking.

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I Like Big Bundts And I Cannot Lie

A classic and the showstopper at every after-school treat sesh, tea party, special celebration: the Bundt cake is an absolute must-bake, whether you’re a professional baker or not. The flavour of a quintessential Mawa cake left an indelible mark on me and it was the one thing I missed most when I gave up on eggs and dairy. That’s how I knew that I just had to find a way to replicate it. In this workshop you can learn to create a classic pound cake sponge and an unputdownable eggless lemon curd recipe.

Deceptively eggless!

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While we ditch the dairy and eggs, and keep the goodness of desserts intact, we are seriously interested in debunking the myths around vegan and plant-based baking as hard or bland. And we want to help you see it for the wondrous, earth-friendly universe that it can be. Because after spending half a decade changing several minds about plant-based cakes, entremets, and more, we can comfortably say: been there, baked that.

In case you were wondering: Ode to Gaia translates to in honour of Gaia — the goddess of the Earth. Join us in celebrating her.

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From The Chef

Entrepreneur, Content Creator

It’s a funny (and long) story but the short version goes like this: A self-taught chef started India’s first vegan patisserie from a garage in Mumbai after studying fashion, only to turn the successful 5-year-old business into an inclusive learning platform and community for bakers keen on uncovering the fruits of plant-based baking, in her quest to change the pastry-scape of our times.

Hi, I am Naimita Jagasia and as you can see, I wear many hats. Teaching is my favourite one though, because it allows me to share the nifty, insightful, and first-hand experiences that I have gathered as a chef and business owner over the years. I hope I can offer you the confidence and creative push to learn, unlearn, and explore the world of plant-based baking as we discover unique techniques and amazing pairings, while swapping out ingredients like a pro. All of it dusted with my personal brand of ‘too glam to give a damn’


When It Comes To Us, Word On The Street Is:

Hi Naimita, Today’s workshop was Amazing, loved how you explained things in detail with all the patience in the world ❤️ I’m so excited to try out the recipe, especially the vegan Ferrero Rochers 😍 Again, thanks a lot for the knowledge which you shared with us today!!

Piyu Chatterjee

Ur knowledge and experience on the vegan aspect is u hve tremendous insightful info on gluten free.. sugar free.. which is amazing.. I absolutely loved ur class


Attending your workshop has been a blessing for me🤗 It was such a good workshop ❤️can't thank you enough for it🤗 Loved Loved loved it thoroughly ❤️

Siddhi Palrecha

Thank you for another super insightful and excellent workshop, so much depth and knowledge. Cant wait to try them out and experiment with them for my customers and family. Also, special mention to your unbelievable patience. You answered so so many questions!


Hi Naimita! I’m still experimenting in terms of creativity with the lemon pound cake but the recipe is INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for sharing it in your workshop🥰


Made the rocher cake.. I haven’t really had a GOOD vegan, gluten-free & refined sugar free cake till date but this was HEAVENLY! I took ur class not to sell this cake but for my diabetic family members & my bestfriend who is gluten intolerant.. Without a doubt this is now going up on my menu ♥️ Thank you so much for the yummy & healthy goodness 🤩 Also, the sponge was sooo soo moist , the buttercream is sooo rich I could eat it as is & the ferrero rocher, oh my god, what do I even say 🤤 I’m never buying ferrero rocher.. haha But my rochers dint set well hence they are not in the pictures Above but the taste was damn goood! Thank you so much once again for all the mentoring & helping me out at 12am too! 🤗 Can’t wait to learn more healthy stuff from you! ♥️


Thank you.. after I found your bakery, you, I found my life's direction. And I am not just grateful for the workshop. Many people hold workshops but you quite literally poured your heart out in teaching and motivating and for that I will always be grateful..


Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it, too? Join Chef Naimita as she explores the world of vegan and plant-based baking.

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